Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Recommended Restaurants

Mediocre food beautifully presented at an
unnamed restaurant (above and below).
September 24, 2015 -- For our last evenings in Paris this year, we’re focusing on our favorite places.  Last night was L’Epopée, tonight is Le Café du Commerce, tomorrow is for Axuria, and the final evening is l’Alchimie.

Thanks to and my rigorous use of that site, we have rarely eaten at ordinary brasseries like the Commerce Café (different from Le Café du Commerce, which is really a restaurant).  We’ve dined well, but not spontaneously.

For this year, here is a list of our favorite places.  They’re all in the 15th arrondissement.
  • L’Alchimie, 34 rue Létellier
  • Le Pario, 54 avenue Emile Zola
  • Bacco, 13 rue Mademoiselle
  • Axuria, 54 avenue Félix Faure*
  • Le Tipaza, 155 rue Saint Charles
  • La Table d’Hubert, 148 avenue Félix Faure
  • Le Père Claude, 51 avenue de la Motte Picquet
  • La Gauloise, 59 avenue de la Motte Picquet*
  • L’Epopée, 89 avenue Emile Zola
  • Le Blavet, 75 rue Lourmel
  • Le Bistrot d’en Face, 24 Rue du Docteur Finlay
  • O Fil Rouge, 69 rue Saint Charles
  • L’Accent, 123 rue de la Convention
  • Stéphane Martin, 67 rue des Entrepreneurs
  • Le Cap, 30 Rue Peclet
  • Bermuda Onion, 7 rue Linois
  • Eclectic, 2 rue Linois*
  • L’Ardoise du XV, 70 Rue Sébastien Mercier
  • Beurre Noisette, 68 rue Vasco de Gama

       *Not on,

We recommend making reservations. (or makes this easy.  Remember that by making reservations, you not only make it easier on the restaurant, but you are also helping, in a small way, to avoid food waste.  With, you avoid the inconveniences of using the telephone, and you have a record of your reservation in your email and/or text messages.

The few restaurants marked with an asterisk are not on  Look them up on the internet instead to reserve via the web site or by telephone.

Here’s a list of a few places in the 7th arrondissement where we only dined once this season, but we think they have real potential to make our list of favorites. 
  • Bistrot Belhara, 23 rue Duvivier
  • Le Florimond, 19 avenue de la Motte Picquet*
  • Le Petit Troquet, 28 rue de l’Exposition.

Back in the 15th, we only tried Intuition Gourmande (4 rue Petel) and Guylas (68 rue des Entrepreneurs)* one time ;  both may be good enough to make our list of favorites, but we just need to try them out again a time or two.  Next year . . . .
Tiny round potatoes at Le Pario are delicious!

We did not have the opportunity to return to some of our favorite restaurants in the 6th this year, except for Le Procope and La Vagenende – both of which we recommend.  But based on last year’s experiences, we would add La Boussole, Coté Bergamote, Bouillon des Colonies, Bouillon Racine, and La Bastide d’Opio to that list for the 6th.  All of these are in (

Even when a discount is not offered, is useful as a reservation service, and its web site gives handy maps and menu/price information for the restaurants.  Other important clues are frequently included, such as whether the restaurant is air conditioned or is capable of and amenable to accommodating larger groups. also links to reviews for the restaurants.
My husband could eat this Asian-inspired beef salad at Bacco
five nights a week, he said.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook message.  I’d love to hear from you.

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