Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Joyful day

Where do we go when it is really time to eat?  La Gauloise, of course.  Both of us were hungry; we'd walked several miles.  I had only salad for lunch, and no breakfast.  I don't eat red meat that often anymore, but I was ready for a steak.  Tom is always ready for a steak, with ice cream for dessert.  I've had no soufflé yet this summer; it was time for a soufflé.

We've been dining at La Gauloise every summer since 1998.  That restaurant is traditional, dependable, professional, elegant, and correct in every way.  The beef filet at La Gauloise is tender as butter, almost.  The pepper sauce is fine.  The fries are superb.  The service is genteel. 

So I shall simply post some photos, and let the images do the writing.

And we have a joyous announcement: we have a new grand-nephew, Winfield Elon Gray, born yesterday at 4PM (10PM in Paris) in Boston!

La Gauloise has a large terrace, but we opt to eat inside because it is
beautiful, and there are no smokers.

Soufflé au Grand Marnier and Berthillon ice cream.

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