Monday, August 14, 2017

The sweet 7th

August 14, 2017 – The way to spend a beautiful Sunday in mid-August on the left bank of Paris is to amble along the streets of the 7th arrondissement.  Frenzied Parisian drivers are away on vacation in the countryside or at the shore; the streets are as calm and quiet as they will ever be.  Mobs of tourists are nowhere to be found except at the Eiffel Tower.  Just avoid that place, and you will have a fine, mellow day fit for the dedicated flaneur.  You can relax, go at your own pace, not be pushed by the flow of people on the sidewalk, allow yourself to be delighted by the wonders – big and small – that you happen to see.

We zig-zagged our way through the 7th, from rue Cler north to the Seine, from the Champ de Mars to the Esplanade des Invalides. 

An unnamed former church that we saw on our way from the rue Cler to the rue Malar.

An attractive gateway and courtyard on the rue de Grenelle.
Mosaic in the doorway to a day care center.

Entrance to the St. John Lutheran church complex on the rue de Grenelle.
A delightful building designed by Lavirotte (above and below) on the rue de Grenelle.

The Hotel de la Tulipe looks like a country inn.  Rumor is, it was a convent before
it became a hotel.  It is located on the rue Malar in the 7th.
Madame Rhodriguez's jewelry shop window on the rue de Grenelle.
When she returns from vacation, I just might buy the earrings in the middle.
She designs and makes the jewelry herself.
Before our walk, Tom and I had a Sunday afternoon dinner at La Terrasse.  We were delighted to be seated in the spacious upstairs dining room.  For a long time, I've wanted to see that space.  It is uncrowded, and affords a panoramic view of the Place de l'Ecole Militaire.  

Tom enjoyed watching a French family of six enjoying their Sunday dinner together.  The kids were so utterly well behaved.  Like them, we took hours to enjoy our mid-day dinner there -- six escargots, a Thai shrimp salad, chicken supreme with pureed potatoes, apple pie, fresh fruit, espresso and cafe creme.  It was all delightful and delicious.

We ended the day with a walk up to the Champ de Mars, where we just sat on a bench and watched people as the day faded into dusk.  Sweet Paris.

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