Sunday, July 02, 2017

Strolling to the 16th

The Front de Seine in the evening, as seen from the Mirabeau bridge.

July 3, 2017 – Rain ruled the day.  We stayed in, working at the computers in the morning, then lazing about, watching the Tour de France on French national television in the afternoon.  

Finally, in the evening the rain stopped and we strolled over to the 16th arrondissement, to the Auteuil neighborhood.  Mass was being said at the old Auteuil church, so we simply looked in, but did not enter.  If I were alone, I might attend mass.  But Tom doesn’t want to do that.

Tarte Berbere at Le Tipaza.

The best part of the stroll was coming back over the Mirabeau bridge to the 15th arrondissement.  (We both think the 16th is a little dull, but probably a good place to raise kids.)  We walked along the heavily shaded rue de la Convention to the rue Saint Charles, then down the rue Saint Charles to the North African restaurant, Le Tipaza.

We treasure Le Tipaza.  It’s décor is exotic and beautiful.  The food is exotic and dependably delicious.  The service is friendly and professional. 

Normally, at 7:30PM on a Sunday Le Tipaza is relatively calm.  But this time it was full of chattering Americans – mostly teenagers.  We were seated at a great little table partly tucked into a nook in the front window, so we had a little separation from the Americans.  The ones closest to us were adults.  We finally decided that this was a school or choir group, with several adult chaperones.  There were enough teenagers and adults to fill two tour buses.  I heard one adult say they'd be on one of the tour boats on the Seine that evening.  Nice.

Tom's dessert: profiteroles with dark chocolate sauce.

After the American tour group left, the restaurant was calm again.  Slowly, it began to fill up with French locals.  So the chattering American English sound was eventually replaced by a smoother, sonorous, humming French sound.  These are two very different symphonies.

Tom ordered the grilled lamb chops with fries, and I ordered the Tagine Dolma – a savory concoction with lamb and beef meatballs, dates, figs, almonds, veggies and more.  Dessert was profiteroles (including plenty of dark chocolate sauce and ice cream) for Tom and a Tarte Berbere (apple tart with cinnamon and raisons) for me. 

We were both happy to have a fairly long walk home, to work off some of that dinner!  It was a fine dinner, and a good value – especially with the 30% discount.

At home, we prepared for the arrival of our son Dan and granddaughters Olivia and Sarah.  They’ll be here in a couple hours!

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